Aging Boomers, Assisted Living, and a High-End New Experience

David Ritter

This may shock you but according to from now until 2030, 10,000 Baby Boomers each day will hit retirement age!

This is the largest generation in American history and is placing huge pressure on their families/loved ones and the broader senior living industry.  Healthcare innovation is helping Boomers live longer and more productive lives but often times leaving our loved ones in a position where they need help whether independent living, assisted living, memory care, vision care, or even hospice.  

Navigating the senior living landscape can be incredibly difficult.  Local senior living facility directories are often in print form, out of date, and not updated dynamically – this means what looks like a viable alternative might not actually provide the appropriate level of care or might not have occupancy at the specific level of care required.  You might think that large national digital players / databases would be the answer, however what you find is exactly the opposite – a complete lack of local knowledge with unaccommodating call center support from across the globe. This leaves many families, especially those seeking a high-end or personalized experience with extremely limited options.

The good news is that help is on the way!  I think many families can agree that there is almost nothing within reason that they wouldn’t do to ensure that their loved ones were properly cared for in an environment that suited their lifestyle needs.  Along those lines, let me introduce you to the concept of personal concierge support in finding the right senior living facility. Next Horizon’s concierge-level support is fundamentally changing the way people in Central Texas find the right care facilities for their loved ones by combining our deep understanding of care requirements, local care facilities, and advanced technology.

Next Horizon has a fast, simple, and high-end process for finding the right care facility:

  1. Fill out the patient’s profile including patient’s health requirements, lifestyle needs, living preferences and price range 
  2. Get paired 1-1 with a local expert to be your personal guide through the full process
  3. Pay small service fee and to get started
  4. Enjoy fully organized and coordinated facility site visits to a tailored list of facilities 
  5. Get ongoing help in the closing, negotiation, and move in process     

Next Horizon was founded by a group of people who have all personally experienced the pain and difficulty getting their loved ones in the right facility – they share your passion and have created the high-end new experience that you deserve!